08 July 2007


gravida email

From the guy who brought you a French film without subtitles, a play about a buffalo, and the world-renowned uber-indie project, comes gravida, the highly-anticipated follow-up to L'Attente, a film the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called "intriguingly spare".

Written and directed by Lucas McNelly, gravida stars Pittsburgh actress Rachel Shaw (Life. And other one-man shows) and Thank You, Felix's Adam Kukic in a nuanced drama with European overtones.

Join us for the World Premiere of latest film from "an artist whose craft is informed by cinephilia" (Mathieu Ravier) at 7.30pm on Thursday, 12 July 2007 at the newly renovated Hollywood Theatre in scenic Dormont (1449 Potomac Ave.).

The night begins with the triumphant return to the 'burgh of acclaimed singer/songwriter Jerome Wincek, one of the most amazing musicians you'll see live all year long. Then, it's Dallas filmmaker David Lowery's Some Analog Lines, a thoughtful look at the creative process, the nature of art, and the inherent nature of audience perception from one of the most talented filmmakers you've never heard of. That leads into the main event, a double bill of L'Attente and gravida.

The cost? A mere $5. A pittance, really.

Afterward, hang out and look cool drinking wine and socializing with your fellow artists and lovers of art.

This is a one night only event. Blink and you'll miss it.

To reserve your tickets, call 724.544.6417 or email lmcnelly@gmail.com