26 July 2007

uber-indie in the news?

So there's a rumor floating around that the uber-indie project made the pages of Variety (today? yesterday?), but I've been unable to confirm that, as I'm still in Maine. Has anyone actually seen this?

09 July 2007


Remember Andrew Horbal? He used to have this blog, No More Marriages!, which was pretty awesome.

Well, he's back with a new blog, Mirror/Stage. And what, might you ask, is he doing over there at the moment? Well, he just happens to be interviewing yours truly about the gravida premiere. So, what the hell are you waiting for? Check it out.

08 July 2007


gravida email

From the guy who brought you a French film without subtitles, a play about a buffalo, and the world-renowned uber-indie project, comes gravida, the highly-anticipated follow-up to L'Attente, a film the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called "intriguingly spare".

Written and directed by Lucas McNelly, gravida stars Pittsburgh actress Rachel Shaw (Life. And other one-man shows) and Thank You, Felix's Adam Kukic in a nuanced drama with European overtones.

Join us for the World Premiere of latest film from "an artist whose craft is informed by cinephilia" (Mathieu Ravier) at 7.30pm on Thursday, 12 July 2007 at the newly renovated Hollywood Theatre in scenic Dormont (1449 Potomac Ave.).

The night begins with the triumphant return to the 'burgh of acclaimed singer/songwriter Jerome Wincek, one of the most amazing musicians you'll see live all year long. Then, it's Dallas filmmaker David Lowery's Some Analog Lines, a thoughtful look at the creative process, the nature of art, and the inherent nature of audience perception from one of the most talented filmmakers you've never heard of. That leads into the main event, a double bill of L'Attente and gravida.

The cost? A mere $5. A pittance, really.

Afterward, hang out and look cool drinking wine and socializing with your fellow artists and lovers of art.

This is a one night only event. Blink and you'll miss it.

To reserve your tickets, call 724.544.6417 or email lmcnelly@gmail.com

05 July 2007

the "un filme" shirt

(click me. i go places.)

$16 (plus $4 shipping)

At long last. The order is in. The shirts should be arriving in due time (1 week? 2?). Be the first kid on your street to have one. Be the most pretentious person you know.

And if the shirt's not pretentious enough on it's own, you what is? Poetry. And not good poetry either.

by Matt Reed

a bottle of wine, a book of verse,
wandering the south hills (and how!)

wearing a "un filme" t-shirt:
a t-shirt is happiness for now...

a poem about a t-shirt about a film
by Ryan Estes

I’ve not been to Pittsburgh
in a very long time
(years, not months)

Yes, and my taste in cinema is on the decline
and even Battlestar Galactica (oh the horror)
suitably entertains

as do films with
car chases, shiny things
or stuff that blows up

and much as I like the starving artist ethos
I am not starving and am unsure
If ethos is even the right word

despite all this
I would still pay $16 for a t-shirt
Telling the world of
un filme de lucas mcnelly

Le chemise a'la filme de lucas mcnelly
by Joshua Edenhofer

The shirts are black
like my soul
they feature Matt & Dan
Is he eating a roll?

L'Attente makes my heart throb with pleasure
the shirts cover my body with cotton
or is that a polyester blend?
I sure don't like sweatshop labor
these shirts are a godsend

these shirts won't keep you warm
on a blustery sub-zero degree day
but they will let you freeze to death
in style.

Lucas vs. His Health
by Lucas McNelly

Last week I had strep throat
(believe me, it sucked)
I couldn't talk for three days
and some people seemed to prefer it
that way, I suppose

But worse than the strep throat
(well not really, but work with me)
was the caffeine withdrawal headache
from not drinking any coffee.
Seems I have an addiction.

I'm like that guy in L'Attente
(only, not bald)
who can't function without his coffee.
It defines who he is, how he functions
Addictions are like that.

Also, I can't speak French at all
(but I do know some Spanish)
Maybe just some ooh-la-la's and
other quasi-seductive guttural noises
but I don't think that counts

Still, I really wish I knew French
(and Italian)
But I'm lazy, so instead I wear my
"un filme de lucas mcnelly" shirt, hoping
people will think I do.

I don't think I've fooled anyone yet
(how could you tell?)
but that's ok because the shirt is wicked
cool and one of the nicest I own
and I'm not just saying that.