29 June 2007

this blog is apparently tame (ugh)

So all the buzz around the blog world at the moment is this whole MPAA rating of your blog that you can get. Certain of our friends, namely Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule and The House Next Door, got a NC-17, which is pretty cool. So, I went to the page, looking for the 100 films rating and got this:

Online Dating

And that just won't fucking do. No fucking way.

So here's what I'm gonna try and do with this post: get upgraded to at least R. First, two quotes from Deadwood:

"Wild Bill Hickok: Sure you wanna quit playing, Jack? The game's always between you and getting called a cunt.
Tom Nuttall: Meeting adjourned, fellas, take it outside.
Wild Bill Hickok: That dropped eye of yours looks like the hood on a cunt to me, Jack. When you talk, your mouth looks like a cunt moving.
Jack McCall: I ain't gonna get in no gun fight with you, Hickok.
Wild Bill Hickok: But you will run your cunt mouth at me. And I will take it, to play poker."

"Tom Nuttall: My bicycle masters boardwalk and quagmire with aplomb. Those that doubt me... suck cock by choice."

Oddly, IMDB doesn't have any of the great "cocksucker" quotes that define the show, but perhaps this will be enough. If not...fuck fuck fuck shit cocksucker motherfucker


lucas mcnelly said...

and now...NC-17


pacheco said...

Gotta get that street cred.

At least you weren't as bad as I was: G.

Family friendly. Unless I'm animated, that's suicide.

David Lowery said...

I was also a G.

Damian said...

I got a G and, man, I was pretty embarassed. I mean, I guess I always wanted my blog to be somewhat family-friendly but I was hoping for a PG-13 or even at least a PG. But a G? I didn't even post it up. I'm staying with the "unrated" label.

lucas mcnelly said...

that G rating is pretty embarassing...i mean, how lame is that?

Moviezzz said...

I'm PG too.

Jonathan Lapper said...

I'm a little late commenting on this one. My Cinema Styles site got an NC-17 based on the occurence of these words -dead (15x) death (13x) hell (8x) kill (5x) murder (4x) gun (3x) bastard (2x) crap (1x)

Crap? Gun? Hell?!!?!? That gets a blog an NC-17? Thank God the MPAA doesn't use these guidelines.