27 June 2007

emails from the road

So I'm in Philly all week helping my good friend Dave Young at Widget Studios with a project (and he, because he's a nice guy, is helping me tweak some audio for gravida).

Anyway, all that has nothing to do with the rest of this email, but whatever. If you're looking for me in Pittsburgh this week, I ain't there. I'm in Philly, which is insanely humid.

But I'm still getting emails, and in the inbox yesterday was an email from someone affiliated with IFC and/or Rooftop Films, which is a indie film series of some acclaim that rejected a certain french film by yours truly.

I'm not one to hold a grudge, though, so when Andrea emailed me a link she thought you, my loyal readers, might be interested in, I saw no reason to keep it from you.

To quote Andrea:

A selection of great short films are now available to view for free online through a collaboration between Rooftop Films and IFC.com.

The online festival posts one new short each day through the end of August. We started on June 1, so there's a good selection up there now, including documentary, animation, comedy, experimental, and more.

The link is here