07 May 2007

simple things you can do to support the arts

As we begin to near the still-to-be-announced release date of my next film, gravida (2007), there's some stuff you can check out in the meanwhile that's associated with what will surely be one of your favorite short films of 2007 made by someone who's blog you read on a semi-regular basis.

You could, for example, go to the film's Official webpage, where you can check out images and the teaser and other various things.

You could watch L'Attente (2006), the film the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called "intriguingly spare" in all its splendor here

Or, more importantly, you could head over to MySpace and listen to the wonderful music that'll appear in the film, like Ilona V and her song "Good Morning" (link), which will also be coming out on vinyl (yeah, vinyl) sometime next month.

You could also check out Meaghan Smith, who I'm still trying to convince to join the party (link), and tell her how wonderful you think her music would be in my film, use hyperbole as needed.

Finally, you could go check out my good friend Jerome Wincek (link), as talented and generous a soul as you'll ever find. His song "Careless Love" is going to be in the film, but it isn't on his MySpace profile. You can, however, do what I did and purchase his Astral Road album here.

Now, get thee to the internets.


johanna said...

Jerome has also put 20 songs on SoundClick for free, a nice thing for people like me who can't even afford the Internet