03 April 2007


Based on the amount of emails in my account, I realize that I forgot to really tell anyone I was going to be out of town for a couple days. Well, I'm back now, so I'll get to everything in due time (tomorrow?), but for now, I'm going to collapse on the couch or something


johanna said...

...get enough collapse yet ; )

i've decided to open up a fresh can of worms as soon as the semester ends and begin a series of interviews with indie filmmakers. what can i say? i did two early this year, and since then i've been inspired to continue.

the only trick is that i wouldn't be interested in just writing up straight interviews. i would want to find an actual story, and while the basic template for that story will often be "the difficulties of making this film" each story will be unique, or i just won't write it.

let me know if anything hits you or what you think. i'm going to send out a mass email when i'm ready, and i'd dig some input, any feedback, viewpoints, etc.

that goes for you, too, lurkers...

lucas mcnelly said...

i'm pretty much in favor of anything that shines more of a light on indie filmmakers. the story aspect is a pretty good one, too. it makes the interview more worth reading for casual readers.

plus, you might be able to coordinate it with stuff like City Paper (which pretty much every city has a version of, it seems)...so you could talk to, say, Bujalski when his next one comes out, etc, and try to get in the Boston papers

something like that

johanna said...

that's a cool idea.

one of the tricks is finding out the names of the A & E papers in cities elsewhere...perhaps the wiki could incoroporate come kind of catalog? as the articles come in, this should be relatively easy, eh?

and more fun with templating. i didn't see anything like that on the Workbook Project, but it may have escaped me.

it would be a lot of research for one person, esp since when you're shopping an article to a corp they may already have write-ups on them and those need to be read first and sometimes you'll run into the prob of a beat already having been established if there has been a write-up, and no freelancer will be overly welcome.

i mentioned this to andy in my last email, just the part about (i used the phrase "local") indie filmmakers getting all the coverage they can, but he hasn't returned my email and i'm not sure if the zine is a bust or what. August seems speculative

that's one of the things about journalism, though, it really helps not just to know where a filmmaker is from in this case, but also where s/he's been.