22 March 2007

Friday Screen Tests

In my opinion, one of the coolest features in the film blog universe is Adam Ross' Friday Screen Test series at DVD Panache where he interviews the people who actually do all this film writing we all enjoy so much. Adam allows us to see something of what they are as people, what makes them tick, etc. But this week, it's of a particular interest because the subject is yours truly.

Adam manages to make me sound much more interesting than I actually am, but beyond that, I'll only add this: I anxiously await that Criterion release. I just hope I can afford it.


Adam Ross said...

Wow, I don't know if I deserve that first compliment but I'll take it! Good luck on Gravida.

lucas mcnelly said...

thanks...i'll surely need all the luck i can get

Damian said...

Congrats, Lucas.

Don't forget to check out the Friday Screen Test on April 6th. That's sure to be an interesting one too. ;)

lucas mcnelly said...

thanks damian,

i never miss a friday screen test...should be a good one

johanna said...

is the gravida opening soonish?

lucas mcnelly said...

gravida opens late april/early may (i'm told)...which means that, you guessed it, the promotional campaign has just begun

johanna said...


always glad to assist in a segue.

nice interview, btw.