08 February 2007

The Muriel Awards

As described by Paul Clark here, the Muriel Awards are now in full swing, the votes tallied, and the winners announced. The main page will be tracking the full results, but I'll update them as they're announced here, only with a bit of a delay, mostly because I'm really busy. The names after the winners are what you would have found on my ballot.

Breakthrough Performance of the Year

  • Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls, full
    • (1. Al Gore, 2. Rob Brydon, 3. Abigail Breslin)

Hudson, huh? I can see that, I guess, but the fact that she was only named on 4 of the 14 ballots may say more than the fact that she won. There were such a broad range of names submitted that it was going to be hard for them to not cancel each other out. Personally, I'm convinced my vote for Al Gore was a good one. Honestly, how many people thought he'd be the only person in the highest-grossing documentary of the year? How many thought a slideshow on global warming would revive his career (and maybe even his political career)? Here's my theory: he actually won, but some people had trouble with the ballot and their votes were counted for the wrong people. (boy, that joke's gonna have a long shelf life, eh?)

Best First Feature
  • Rian Johnson, Brick, full
    • (1. Géla Babluani, 2. Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris, 3. Jason Reitman)


johanna said...

if an online awards program makes any progress toward getting good indie films to Pittsburgh closer to when they're actually released, then it might be a worthwhile endeavor.

are the "Muriels" supposed to be representing Pittsburgh, or is it still fairly funny in its nascense?

johanna said...

and by nascense, i meant nascence

lucas said...

as far as i know, i'm the only person in Pittsburgh voting.

Paul C. said...

Well, we originally had another Pittsburgh-based voter, but he had to beg off at the last minute due to prior obligations. Maybe next year...

johanna said...

although i haven't seen many of last year's films (Brick, Dreamgirls, The Queen, Notes on a Scandal, Tristam Shandy, Tsotsi, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Painted Veil, 13 Tzameti, The Last King of Scotland and Half Nelson) there's such a lack of movie-going among the people at this school that I'm the only person who could be counted on to do this "oscar redo" article

i keep wondering just how reliable a sample this campus is. it can't bode well for theatres if this is the mainstream -- and it's not that these kids would rather watch movies at home. they just aren't interested.