19 December 2006

leaving, on a jet plane

Remember kids, if you happened to miss the yearly airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965), it's available on DVD, so there's no reason whatsoever to miss it.

I'm flying to Maine early tomorrow morning where, from the looks of things, the film choices are quite slim. But, I've loaded up on DVDs from some of the year's best-reviewed films, so all is not lost.

Even though Andy Horbal isn't as fond of them as I am, I'll be weighing in soon with a "Best of 2006" list, two of them, actually. One for the Senses of Cinema World Poll, which has a deadline of 31 December. Seeing as most of my time is spent in Pittsburgh and Maine, this prevents me from including some of the late contenders, so I'll probably do another, more "official" one in the middle of January. Even though last year I waited until 17 January, I missed out on what would have been my #1, La Meglio gioventù (2005). Such is life.

In the meantime, That Little Round-Headed Boy has some up already.

Tonight the plan is to see Babel (2006), and perhaps if I get inspired on the plane, I'll do a write-up on it.