19 November 2006

On Writing

In case I don't write anything of substance on here over the next 2 weeks, here's my excuse (in the interest of full disclosure):

I've been, for the past year, picking away at a complete overhaul of coffee stains, the screenplay I adapted from Matt Reed's poetry chapbook and was unable to adequately film. But the story, I felt, remained a good one, even if it didn't get completed, so I kept telling people I was going to still do it, only I didn't particularly want to film the script I had. It wasn't bad, but I knew it could be better (and there was no reason for it to not be better), so rather than continually tweak, I tossed the whole thing and started from scratch, the theory being that it would then be easier to avoid repeating the first effort. Anyway, long story short, with November being National Novel Writing Month, I decided to spend the month finishing the first draft. As of 1 November I had 20 pages. As of 18 November I have 71. It should clock in at around 100-110.

So far, I think it's better the second time around, but we shall see...

The trick right now is not getting stuck.


johanna said...

i have faith in you.

break a pen.

mickrect said...

What's going on with "Recurrance"?

lucas said...

it's on the back-burner currently