06 November 2006

A Blog-a-Thon

As long as cinema has existed as an art form, filmmakers have been using it to figure out their love lives. Whether it's Charlie Chaplin or Jean-Pierre Léaud or Ethan Hawke, there's a long history of characters struggling in their pursuit of a romantic ideal. At times, it almost seems as if a film exists solely as a form of relationship therapy, as a futile attempt to figure out women.

Or, as Thom once wrote, "Maybe that's why we invented cinema: to share our complete lack of understanding with each other?"

Which brings us to 14 February, commonly known as Valentine's Day, but also the date of the brand-new Lovesick Blog-a-Thon, hosted right here at 100 films.

I'm hesitant to give too many restrictions and guidelines, because part of what makes the Blog-a-Thon interesting (at least to me), is the various odd turns a topic takes in the recesses of people's minds, but the general idea is how filmmakers use the medium to relate to their love lives (or, better yet, justify them), or even love in general. If that means a discourse on Tom Hanks romantic comedies sneaks in, so be it.

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johanna said...

i like this idea, and it would interest me to do a short project on the female perspective, seeing as women filmmakers have taken a much different tack, especially in cinema's early days.

i'm not sure where to start, though. Alice Guy Blaché and Leni Riefenstahl weren't exactly sporting Romeo vs. Cassanova complexes, and neither have any of their more prominent successors, like Věra Chytilová or even Penny Marshall.

This would require a lot of research and it wouldn't be easy, but since it would be a ready-made paper for a cinema art class i'll be taking in the spring, i wouldn't mind.

I could focus on the films of Chantal Akerman, I suppose, but even her treatises on love have more to do with decontruction in a postfeminist context rather than creating a romantic ideal of love.

Thom said...

I knew that speculation would come back to haunt me someday, lol. Count me in, Lucas. Any 'thon that combines the words 'love' and 'sick' has got to be fun!

lucas said...

cool. i think this will be a good blog-a-thon...tell your friends

Anonymous said...

Count me in.

scot said...

I just saw this linked from Jim Emerson's site and would like to join in as well if possible. Do we need to let you know on what film we may be writing?

lucas said...

just email me when you have the link and i'll add it to the master list

Piper said...

Love the idea. I'm in.