26 October 2006


Ted said...

I love the film. Could you by any chance translate the prologue into English? I don't want to rely on my minuscule French.

lucas said...

roughly translated it means "This is the story of one man's suffering for coffee and the search for God. It could be anyone. It could be you."

glad you liked it

johanna said...

I STILL think that if he were so damn inspired at the beginning of this (blah, blah, blah) he wouldn't be lighting up a smoke, but that's really just me -- it's one of those forms of writing resistance that I used to use.

But this is a great cut, even if I had to watch it without the sound. (I'll watch it again when I'm not at the library, just for fun.)

The moose thing's pretty horrific, and not at all what I'd imagined; but I'll wait to see what happens with that, i.e. "pull my punches."

Question. Are we still doing the 100 films project?

lucas said...

what's so horrific about the moose thing? i can see it being blah, or a poor representation of the potential finished product, but horrific?

johanna said...

oh. it's the gunshot, mostly. but also, i tried to go hunting with my Dad once -- he shot at the squirrel, and I aimed at a tree several yards away. Couldn't do it. A few years later, my first boyfriend was trying to get me to take aim at a blue jay (he found their screeching annoying, and thought that while we were in the woods, we should rid them of a few) and I couldn't aim at the bird, either.

So that's part of it.

My first instinct after the gunshot was to laugh, so I wouldn't say 'blah' (I was criticizing myself, in case ya hadn't glommed onto that yet) and there is a general air of excitement during the chase...but the act of shooting the moose itself? it's, well, it's like the "cops" version of what I thought might be a little more traditional...(oh, forgive me; that's gonna look awful)...and the thing is, the rest of the day, whenever I thought about the damn thing, I kept smiling. And I kept thinking, "Why?" I don't ascribe human emotions to animals; I think that's a mistake. And I'm not against hunting because I understand about population control and hungry, backwoods people needing protein(!)

there's just something incredibly, gothically awry that could be very funny or could be understated horror.

I suppose I should've realized that hunting an animal w/o any natural predators wouldn't exactly be like searching for Sasquatch, but...

SUVs? and cell phones? [mute terror]

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that YouTube will save us all!


btw, are you on MySpace? It's a good place to promote short films.

lucas said...

i am on Myspace, but only sorta. i need to figure out how to utilize it better