04 April 2006


some notes for the dedicated (or not so dedicated) reader:

1. There's a review coming later today. Honest. Tomorrow at the latest.

2. You'll notice some changes to the page. There are some Google ads. The ads really aren't so bad. I've checked most of them and they're to legit things like The New York Times or upcoming movies. So click on them. Don't be afraid.

3. The search feature is pretty cool, actually. If you search the page for, say, Kubrick, you'll find all the reviews involving him, obviously. It makes finding an older review much easier.

4. These reviews are being syndicated (I guess that's the right word) on blogcritics.org. There's a link on the side. It's a pretty cool site. They're also being syndicated on Google News, which is cool.

5. I'm still looking for a new layout.