12 April 2006


ryan said...

three suggestions:
1. switch to wordpress, which is way more customizable.
2. don't be so cheap and buy a domain name!
3. I still prefer "#1 Keanu Reeves Fansite"

lucas said...

1. wordpress, eh?
2. i'm going to, actually, but i'm working on the design first
3. well, what can you do? "100 films" will work, methinks

Matt Riviera said...

I really like "100 films" as a title. And the image is great. May-be the links on either side could be in a smaller font, for the sake of elegance?

lucas said...

i could do that

ryan said...

yes, but will you?

Frankita said...

i know nothing about photoshop, so i can't help you there....and i know very little about the films you discuss...so aside from being totally inept..i wanted to say hi.

lucas said...


probably. i don't see why not.


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