03 October 2005

read a book, moron!

if you had to come up with a reading list for someone, my guess is you could do a lot worse than this one: The 100 most frequently challenged books (1990-2000)

it's kind of shocking that Roald Dahl has more entries than Brett Easton Ellis or Stephen King.

the two oddest enties? Where's Waldo? (???) and How to Eat Fried Worms. can you imagine the damage to our society if more children ate worms and searched dilligently for men in funny hats? (actually, on second thought...)

sadly, i've only read 10 of the 100. i do better on the controversial movies lists.

...ok, a quick edit...i've decided right now that i'm going to watch every film on one of those "greatest films of all-time" lists....so which one? the options:

NY Times (1000, so would obviously take longer)
or none of the above...

who's with me?


mattreed said...

why not go for the big one.

i'm game

ryan estes said...

100 challenged book list is interesting. i've only read 13, so perhaps i should get back in the game. (i'm currently enamored of sarah vowell so once i'm done take the cannoli and radio on maybe i'll take a crack at it.) for most of the books you can easily guess which segments of the population raised objections to which books.

johanna said...

either the big one or the time, eh? hell w/the afi.

i've started something i like to call, "hey, let's buy movies i haven't seen yet." so far, i've got raging bull and midnight cowboy. (still haven't seen 'em)
but i think they're on those lists. or they should be.

lucas said...

well the big one should have all the ones from the Time list, right? so maybe i should start with that one and then work on the ny times one