31 October 2005


2 notes to begin things: 1) Chet is writing the history of Superjock, here, and 2) "Jesus, etc." is going to be in an online magazine here as soon as they update the webpage. That is all.

anyway, the review:

films seen for first time:
(films in the top 100 list are indicated by italics)

Lost: season 1 (TV)
Six Feet Under: season 2 (TV)
The Cincinnati Kid
Good Night, And Good Luck
Jui kuen II
Umberto D.
Meet Me in St. Louis
The Awful Truth
City Lights
Sherlock, Jr.
Out of the Past
Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie

books read:

Learning how to die (G. Kot)


days spent filming: 0

illicit gambling:

hours played: 84.9
+/-: +$804.84
$$/hr: $9.48
limit hands played: ~14,000
bonus $$ earned: $400


essays published: 1 (Jesus, etc.)
100 films reviews: 12

the iTunes top 25:

  1. Angela|Bill Ricchini
  2. Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)|The Hombres
  3. History of Lovers|Calexico & Iron and Wine
  4. What a Wonderful Man|My Morning Jacket
  5. Lay Low|My Morning Jacket
  6. She Don't Come Around Here Anymore|Bill Ricchini
  7. Crown of Love|Arcade Fire
  8. I Was Wrong|Badly Drawn Boy
  9. Jealous Guy|Jimmy Scott
  10. Song to Woody|Bob Dylan
  11. Lord Did You Hear Harrison?|Danielson Famile
  12. Needle in the Hay|Elliott Smith
  13. Casimir Pulaski Day|Sufjan Stevens
  14. California Stars|Wilco
  15. Ingrid Bergman|Billy Bragg
  16. Daughters Will Tune You|Danielson Famile
  17. Lovin Her Was Easier|Richard Buckner
  18. Believe I've Found|The Soundtrack of our Lives
  19. Burning in the Sun|Blue Merle
  20. A No-No|Danielson Famile
  21. Anytime|My Morning Jacket
  22. Friends in Low Places|Garth Brooks
  23. Softley and Tenderly Jesus is Calling|Robert Sean Leonard & Steve Zahn
  24. The Hook|Stephen Malkmus
  25. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue|Bob Dylan
that's that.


mattreed said...

How was Good Night and Good Luck?

lucas said...

i really liked it. clooney's turning into a real director