06 October 2005

the 100 films project

the way i see it there are 3 ways to approach this task, which is just a precursor to watching all 1000 of the films on the NY Times list.

1. The Completist Method. you watch every single film on the list in some pre-determined order, such as alphabetical or chronological (which would be ideal), so that you can be completely sure you've seen all 100. this refreshes your memory of the ones you've previously seen. of course, there is the problem of not being able to track down the films that have yet to be released on DVD.

2. The Not-So-Completist Method. working under the theory that certain films do not necessarily need to be seen again in order to achieve the goal, the viewer is given a pass on certain films they've seen numerous times already. for example, i have a standing tradition of watching the Godfather every year on Thanksgiving. it's then safe to say i can skip those in the list.

3. The Rational Easy Way Out Method. you watch the ones you haven't seen, taking care of include any film you're not positive you've seen in its entirety. this begs the obvious question: just because you watched it when you were 8, does that mean you've really seen "Pinnochio"?


mattreed said...

But just because you've seen Mike kill again every thanksgiving, does it follow that you've really seen the Godfather? In otherwords, have you seen it in the context of the 100 films project.

Also, I'd add that it should be a requirement to give an essay about each movie seen (doesn't have to be long) and post it for the community.

lucas said...

so you're saying watch them all in chronological order and write a blurb about each as i see it?

that seems to be the completist thing to do.

the trick is finding those early ones.

mattreed said...

well, i don't know if you have to be strick about the order, but it would be helpful to watch the earlier ones first in order to see the sweep of the thing

lucas said...

that's what i was thinking, but most of the ones not on dvd are obviously the first couple...i'm thinking if i wait on those, they may get released before i'm done and i can acquire them that way

billiam said...

what if you watched them at x2?

and how come the 'word verification' is never really a word at all? just becuase you can jumble a few consanates with a vowel doesn't mean you have a word. just because you can scream at night doesn't mean you have bat vision.

lucas said...

you mean in fast-forward? what would be the point of that?