14 September 2005


so i'm watching this confirmation stuff on cspan for our next supreme court justice, and i've decided a couple of things:

  1. he's obviously a very intelligent guy who knows how to keep himself out of trouble when answering questions.
  2. his eyes seem rather creepy to me. no idea why.
  3. i gain more respect for ted kennedy everytime i hear him talk. [1]
  4. he dodged/refused to answer roughly 60 questions. [2]
  5. the whole thing reminded me of poly-sci.
  6. the senate is much better behaved than they were when mccarthy was around.
[1] this is a new step for me in shedding my conservative past, as ted kennedy was always billed as the black sheep in the kennedy family. i think it has to do with that DUI incident years ago.

[2] i'm fluctuating (sp?) back and forth between respecting his stance that he cannot comment on specific issues as it is not his job as a judge to have any biases and suspecting that he's using it as a convenient excuse to distance himself from unpopular viewpoints. i've yet to decide which way i'm leaning.

p.s. i've added the word verification setting. there is just too much spam.


theadhdspecialist said...
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johanna said...

ted kennedy's long been one of my favorites, and the unfavorable view of him has actually served to drown out his voice. i was watching c-span when the waco thing was in full swing, and he was the one - the only one - who pointed out that every single gun that was on the complex had been purchased legally.

we didn't have the internet back in those days, but i searched each paper and news channel i could find, and the whole thing got buried. janet reno's stated motivation in the first place was illegal weapons. but because ted brought it up, no politician or news syndicate wanted to touch it.

mattreed said...

my problem with judge roberts is that republicans like him and bush likes him. it makes me think they must know something I don't...

otherwise, i like him a lot. he seems very reasonable and clever.

johanna said...

his eyes are kind of creepy, tho'.