10 September 2005

poker books

in regards to a voicemail from matt, and because this will just be easier to type than relay over the phone.

if you want to really learn poker, i recommend these books:

for tourneys:

Harrington on Hold 'Em, Vol 1 & 2

cash limit games:

Small Stakes Hold 'Em (D. Sklansky & M. Malmuth)
Hold 'Em Poker for Advanced Players (D. Sklansky)


The Theory of Poker (D. Sklansky)
Super System (D. Brunson)

pretty much anything by 2+2 publishing and their invaluable web site: twoplustwo.com


Seva Alieva said...
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lucas said...

go away.

mattreed said...

1) thanks!

2) this comment crap is getting really annoying

mattreed said...

1) oh and by the way: the problem with blog instead of phone call is that i can't check your blog while i am driving to Borders (the state i was in when i left you that voice mail). So, I ended up buying 'Quick and Easy Texas Hold'em' by Neil D. Myers, because:
* It came with a DVD
* The author is a brit
* The author admits in the intro that he is a nobody

I checked and Amazon gives it bad reviews, but that is okay: I'll use this one to learn the mechanics and then I'll buy one of the others you recommend and otherwise I can just borrow other books also.

2) Also, I went to the used book store and bought a couple backgammon books. I'll try to pick up the basics of that, too, before I move.


lucas said...

oh, that makes sense. i would have answered but i was down to the last 2 tables of a tourney and didn't want to get distracted and whatnot. it might have helped, though, as i ended up 12th (ugh)