21 September 2005

Bergman, etc.

so "Saraband" is great, just fantastic. It ends with Liv crying, and i'm not sure if there's a better way for Bergman's last film to end, you know?

Oh, and i'm working on some writing, now that i've figured out a better way to schedule my day. Keep an eye on the dpress blog

also, it's Bill Murray's birthday.

But that's not why i'm posting today. I'm going to debut a new segment (i feel like Letterman) that i like to call "My Time is Worth More Than This Movie". I get dragged to a lot of movies, you see, both local and hollywood, and very often they suck. Now i don't mind so much, because i can sometimes get in free and when i can't i write it off on my taxes, but not everyone has such a luxury. In that light, i'll periodically let you know what to avoid.

The Brothers Grimm
PG13, 118 min, 2005

with Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Monica Bellucci, and Jonathan Pryce.
written by Ehren Kruger. directed by Terry Gilliam

When i walked out of the theatre and someone asked me how the movie was, my first response was, "well, imagine if Van Helsing had been done by someone competent. It's that bad."
I've always had this weird dichotomy about Gilliam films where I don't always enjoy them, but I always respect them. This is the first one i don't like or respect. It appears the general idea was to bring all the Grimm fairy tales together under one big story about how they came up with them, but it comes off as if the screenwriter didn't feel like doing any research and just threw every story he'd ever heard against the wall to see what sticks. Half of the random stuff going on has nothing to do with the Grimm fairy tales, but rather Aesop's Fables, the Bible, and possibly Sesame Steet. And you'd think with all those competing storylines, it would at least be interesting, but no...it's boring. Really boring.
The highlight of the film comes early when Mackenzie Crook (Gareth Keenan, UK's The Office) appears one of the Grimm cohorts (and, sadly, not Assistant to the Regional Manager), but when the army takes off his head near the end, we're faced with 2 questions. 1) How does a mate as cunning as Gareth, who was in the Territorial Army, get beheaded by the French army, as he'd clearly be ready for them? and 2) what the hell are we supposed watch for now?


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