01 August 2005

monthly summary: part 1

i'm in maine, so i don't have access to a bunch of info i need, but here's the poker section of the summary. the trip to foxwoods put me $84 in the hole. oh well.

Illicit Gambling
hours played: 90.9
+/-: + $1325.60
bonuses won: $100
BB/100: 2.97
$/hr: $14.58

not bad, not bad at all


days spent filming: 3
editing projects started: 0
editing rough cuts completed: 2
screenplays started: 0
screenplays finished: 0
times footage screened: 0 (to my knowledge)


books completed: none


movies seen for first time:

Wedding Crashers
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Six Feet Under: Season 1 (TV)
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 1 (TV)

iTunes top 25 to follow when i get back.


mickrect said...

SO my bro says that Blockbuster lost a law suit and is forced to reimburse customers with free rentals--anyone else hear of this or have any luck? I assume it must have something to do with their ridiculous late-fee procedure. I almost wish I had not boycotted them long ago (too expensive, poor selection).

mickrect said...

Sorry for haggling, but here's the info I got...

"Video rental company Blockbuster agreed in 2001 to settle a nationwide class action that was filed in Jefferson County, Texas. The suit challenged the fairness of Blockbuster's late fee policy-even though the policy had been fully disclosed to consumers and even though the company had prevailed in similar suits brought in California and Alabama. Under the settlement, customers who paid late fees-actually "extended viewing" fees-were eligible to receive up to $20 worth of coupons for free video rentals (excluding new releases) and certificates for $1 off non-food items. Although the total settlement had a face value of $460 million, Blockbuster estimated that fewer than 10 percent of the coupons would be used, and Blockbuster did not change its current late-fee policy. Plaintiffs' attorneys collected fees and expenses of $9.25 million."

mattreed said...

ever thought of giving blood for wine money?

lucas said...

i have real problems with giving blood. none of them are moral or anything, i just don't get along well w/ needles. i'd be a pretty bad junky