20 July 2005

a short rant on a new album

so i've decided, after much internal debate and weeping and knashing of teeth, that i really don't like the coldplay album, which is odd, since i liked the first 2 so much. and then it hit me like a bolt of lightning: that's exactly why i don't like the damn thing.

if that makes me a horribly fickle person, so be it.

the thing is, if coldplay is gonna tell everyone who will listen that their great ambition is to be the best british band ever, then by album number 3, they need to be stretching themselves musically, but X&Y sounds just like the last album, which sounded just like the first one, so where's the stretching? they get compared to radiohead a lot, but radiohead's third album was Ok Computer, not Pablo Honey 3 (or even The Bends 2: Still Bending)

if the lead singer's real ambition in life is to be married to a movie star and make a shitload of money touring and essentially being a more successful version of everclear, then so be it, but if he wants to be remember as a great artist, he needs to do something different.

the mark of a great band, in my opinion, is that when a new album comes out, you don't worry if it's going to be good or not. you assume it'll be good. the question is what direction will they take their fans next? (or at the very least, what state will the album be about?)