07 July 2005

scenes from a retirement


Rue Snider sent me this article from the villiage voice on Ingmar's new film. of course, we all thought he had retired, but it appears that was premature. no word yet on when this hits the us, but it's wonderful on 2 levels: 1) it's a new bergman film and will probably be better than most (if not all) of the drivel currently in theatres, and 2) he shot it on HD video.


mattreed said...

Ah, you beat me to the punch, as I heard a review on NPR this morning (apparently this is one of his best films). A couple things to add:

1) It is partly a sequel to Scenes from a Marriage.
2) It was originally a Made for TV movie in Sweeden. Wish we had TV that good?
3) I guess he has been in semi-retirement. While he hasn't been making films, he has been writing. Remember that Liv Ullmann movie 'Faithless'?

lucas said...

1. sweet
2. are you kidding? we have nanny 911
3. i think he's been doing some theatre as well. i haven't yet seen faithless