29 July 2005

a really dumb poll

so i'm gonna be out of town for about 2 weeks as i spend some time in Maine and attend a wedding, so i may be hard to find for that time. and i'll probably have to post my month summary when i get back.

anyway, on to the dumb poll. you've probably already noticed the photo i just took about an hour ago. my mother thinks i should cut my hair for this wedding i'm in. do i cut it a) a whole bunch, like almost all of it, b) just a trim, c) none, or d) what the hell do i care what you do with your hair?



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billiam said...

as i am a long time proponent of saying the hell with hair-cuts, you should leave it alone. or do what i did at that film festival at geneva, i'll even let you borrow my plaid suit!