29 July 2005

a really dumb poll

so i'm gonna be out of town for about 2 weeks as i spend some time in Maine and attend a wedding, so i may be hard to find for that time. and i'll probably have to post my month summary when i get back.

anyway, on to the dumb poll. you've probably already noticed the photo i just took about an hour ago. my mother thinks i should cut my hair for this wedding i'm in. do i cut it a) a whole bunch, like almost all of it, b) just a trim, c) none, or d) what the hell do i care what you do with your hair?


22 July 2005

were you done with those liberties?


so i went to this play tonight, the PGH premeire of Craig Wright's 'Recent Tragic Events'[1], which is one of those 'Oh, no, how will I react to 9/11?' plays that everyone thinks is so deep because it steals lots and lots of themes from Kurt V., but doesn't bother to develop any of them and only seems deep on the surface.[2]

anyway, the play sucked, but the partner of the guy who was the lead in 'Do It!' and 'The Bar is a Beautiful Place' was telling me about this new policy in NYC where they can randomly search people before they get on the subway so they don't, you know, blow the thing up. but here's the interesting part: they can't, should they find a bomb or whatever, arrest them. partly, i guess, because they'd have a hard time getting a conviction, and partly because civil libertarians wouldn't stand for it, since they didn't have a warrant or anything. makes sense. but the interesting thing Fred told me[3] was that he thinks this is just a step: they search us now and let us go so that later on down the line they can search us and arrest us w/o a warrant.

and you know what's crazy? that sort of makes sense.

[1] Heather Graham ('Swingers') was in the original Broadway production.

[2] Ironic, isn't it?

[3] That's the guy's name--Fred.

20 July 2005

a short rant on a new album

so i've decided, after much internal debate and weeping and knashing of teeth, that i really don't like the coldplay album, which is odd, since i liked the first 2 so much. and then it hit me like a bolt of lightning: that's exactly why i don't like the damn thing.

if that makes me a horribly fickle person, so be it.

the thing is, if coldplay is gonna tell everyone who will listen that their great ambition is to be the best british band ever, then by album number 3, they need to be stretching themselves musically, but X&Y sounds just like the last album, which sounded just like the first one, so where's the stretching? they get compared to radiohead a lot, but radiohead's third album was Ok Computer, not Pablo Honey 3 (or even The Bends 2: Still Bending)

if the lead singer's real ambition in life is to be married to a movie star and make a shitload of money touring and essentially being a more successful version of everclear, then so be it, but if he wants to be remember as a great artist, he needs to do something different.

the mark of a great band, in my opinion, is that when a new album comes out, you don't worry if it's going to be good or not. you assume it'll be good. the question is what direction will they take their fans next? (or at the very least, what state will the album be about?)

18 July 2005


so, i'm finally switching...what cool things do i need to know?

oh, and this is mostly for matt, but if i were gonna buy a PC (ugh) strictly to play poker (i think it might pay for itself in about 2-3 weeks), what would i be looking for? i need a screen resolution of at least 1600x1200 to play 4 tables at once.

15 July 2005

a semi-bragging post

Month to Date poker winnings:

45.9 hours

this is the first time i've ever been over $1k for a single month

it's always nice when you're running good. and now that i've posted this, i'll go on a big downswing and lose ~300

so it goes.

07 July 2005

scenes from a retirement


Rue Snider sent me this article from the villiage voice on Ingmar's new film. of course, we all thought he had retired, but it appears that was premature. no word yet on when this hits the us, but it's wonderful on 2 levels: 1) it's a new bergman film and will probably be better than most (if not all) of the drivel currently in theatres, and 2) he shot it on HD video.

04 July 2005

a speech for the fourth

"They tell us that we live in a great free republic; that our institutions are democratic; that we are a free and self-governing people. This is too much, even for a joke. But it is not a subject for levity; it is an exceedingly serious matter."

"These are the gentry who are today wrapped up in the American flag, who shout their claim from the housetops that they are the only patriots, and who have their magnifying glasses in hand, scanning the country for evidence of disloyalty, eager to apply the brand of treason to the men who dare to even whisper their opposition to Junker rule in the United Sates. No wonder Sam Johnson declared that “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” He must have had this Wall Street gentry in mind, or at least their prototypes, for in every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the people."

-- Eugene V. Debs, 1918, Canton, OH

01 July 2005

June 2005: a little older, not much wiser.

well, other than turning 26, how did we do this month? let's go to the tape.

as always, this is in the best interest of keeping me motivated, as i don't want to look dumb.

films seen for the first time
The Seven Year Itch
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
War of the Worlds
Portrait of a Murder

...is that all? wow, i've been slipping

books finished

illicit gambling
+/-: +$649.70
hours: 95.9
BB/hr: 6.4
bonus $: $300
royal flushes in texas hold 'em online: 1 (first one ever)
Mountain of Gold Poker Championship bracelets won: 3 (Limit Hold 'Em, 7 card Stud, Omaha Hi-Lo)
Mountain of Gold Poker Championship overall standing: 1st

times footage shown on network affiliate: 2
times footage credited: 0
days spent filming: 11
editing projects begun: 4
editing projects finished: 1 (the footage for KDKA)
writing projects begun: 0
writing projects finished: 0
long trips through the south: 1

b-day gifts
CDs: 2 (half-handed cloud, and a mix from roland)
wiffle ball and bat: 1
bottles of scotch: 1 (sweet)
...and some cash

The iTunes top 25
1. Black Cowboys (Bruce Springsteen)
2. Reno (Bruce Springsteen)
3. Trouble With Dreams (Eels)
4. Wake Up (Arcade Fire)
5. Devils & Dust (Bruce Springsteen)
6. Chicago (Sufjan Stevens)
7. How to Fight Lonliness (Wilco)
8. Casmir Pulaski Day (Sufjan Stevens)
9. Violence in the Snowy Fields (Dolorean)
10. Believe I've Found (The Soundtrack of Our Lives)
11. Come on! Feel the Illinoise! (Sufjan Stevens)
12. Late (Ben Folds)
13. What You Wanted (Bill Ricchini)
14. Pink Moon (Nick Drake)
15. Keep Your Hat on Jenny (Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez)
16. Everything Means Nothing to Me (Elliott Smith)
17. That Girl from Brownsville, Texas (Jim White)
18. Maria's Bed (Bruce Springsteen)
19. The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts (Sufjan Stevens)
20. One More Suicide (Marcy Playground)
21. Ode to Divorce (Regina Spektor)
22. Neighborhood #3 (Arcade Fire)
23. Close the Door (Clem Snide)
24. White Center (Damien Jurado)
25. B.P.D. (Over the Rhine)