01 June 2005

May 2005: In Review

Well, May is over, let's see how we did. Not b/c i suspect anyone will care, but more b/c it'll keep me motivated to get stuff done, since i don't want to look unproductive on the world wide web....

films seen for first time:
We Don't Live Here Anymore
Maria Full of Grace
A Hard Day's Night
The Interperter
The Bar is a Beautiful Place
Wicker Park

Books read:
Harrington on Hold 'Em (D. Harrington)
Moneyball (M. Lewis)

Illicit Gambling:
+/-: +274.20 (hit a rough patch and took a week off)
hours: 71.0
BB/hr: 3.6

Hit plays produced that I wrote: 1
Hit plays produced that I was in: 1
Films sent to festivals: 1 (guard duty)
Completed writing projects: 1 (on a building mid-afternoon somewhere in the world)
Completed editing projects: 0

The iTunes top 25 for May:
1. Chicago (Sufjan Stevens)
2. Casmir Palaski Day (Sufjan Stevens)
3. Girl (Beck)
4. Trouble With Dreams (Eels)
5. Soul Suckers (Amos Lee)
6. Miss Misery (Elliott Smith)
7. Fight Test (The Flaming Lips)
8. Knock Yourself Out (Jon Brion)
9. Colors (Amos Lee)
10. Neighborhood #1 (Arcade Fire)
11. Wrapped Up in Books (Belle & Sebastian)
12. Out on the Road (Jay Farrar)
13. Float On (Modest Mouse)
14. He Woke Me Up Again (Sufjan Stevens)
15. At Least That's What You Said (Wilco)
16. Seen It All Before (Amos Lee)
17. Neighborhood #2 (Arcade Fire)
18. What You Wanted (Bill Ricchini)
19. Clark Gable (The Postal Service)
20. Seven Swans (Sufjan Stevens)
21. Things Against Stuff (The Danielson Family)
22. Wild World (Cat Stevens)
23. Joan Jett of Arc (Clem Snide)
24. Highwayman (The Highwaymen)
25. A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head (Andrew Bird)

that's all.


mattreed said...

Very Respectable.

Rew said...

Lucas -- what is "The Bar is a Beautiful Place" about? Ryan Adams has a song by that name...

btw, Andrew Bird is fantastic (i especially love that song). been listening to him all week, and i've often thought, "Lucas would love this guy." that, and "Matt would REALLY love this guy."