03 June 2005

the levi/frankie wedding

ok, so roland tells me the whole get drunk and give mike cd's shindig in june 10 at the brew works, which i think i could make, but just now i've gotten a postcard in the mail from Chris Fanning (who i assume is the best man?) which says, "friday, june 10th, they would like to get together with some friends at the copper dog..."

so what gives?

which one do i go to?


mattreed said...

Can't it be both?

billiam said...

haha- no!

let's just send post cards to the copper dog telling them to meet us at the other place. i think it would be funnier that way.

lucas said...

i guess it could be both...i have to leave from beaver falls at 5 something in the am, so i guess i'll have to head to the copper dog at some point

Rew said...

bill -- nice!

umm, yeah, i was just informed tonight about these compeating plans. so far, i think the general concensus is to begin at the Brew Works and then head over to the Copper Dog later, if so inclined. but hell, i didn't even get invited, so what do i know. (of course, no one actually has my address...)