01 July 2005

June 2005: a little older, not much wiser.

well, other than turning 26, how did we do this month? let's go to the tape.

as always, this is in the best interest of keeping me motivated, as i don't want to look dumb.

films seen for the first time
The Seven Year Itch
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
War of the Worlds
Portrait of a Murder

...is that all? wow, i've been slipping

books finished

illicit gambling
+/-: +$649.70
hours: 95.9
BB/hr: 6.4
bonus $: $300
royal flushes in texas hold 'em online: 1 (first one ever)
Mountain of Gold Poker Championship bracelets won: 3 (Limit Hold 'Em, 7 card Stud, Omaha Hi-Lo)
Mountain of Gold Poker Championship overall standing: 1st

times footage shown on network affiliate: 2
times footage credited: 0
days spent filming: 11
editing projects begun: 4
editing projects finished: 1 (the footage for KDKA)
writing projects begun: 0
writing projects finished: 0
long trips through the south: 1

b-day gifts
CDs: 2 (half-handed cloud, and a mix from roland)
wiffle ball and bat: 1
bottles of scotch: 1 (sweet)
...and some cash

The iTunes top 25
1. Black Cowboys (Bruce Springsteen)
2. Reno (Bruce Springsteen)
3. Trouble With Dreams (Eels)
4. Wake Up (Arcade Fire)
5. Devils & Dust (Bruce Springsteen)
6. Chicago (Sufjan Stevens)
7. How to Fight Lonliness (Wilco)
8. Casmir Pulaski Day (Sufjan Stevens)
9. Violence in the Snowy Fields (Dolorean)
10. Believe I've Found (The Soundtrack of Our Lives)
11. Come on! Feel the Illinoise! (Sufjan Stevens)
12. Late (Ben Folds)
13. What You Wanted (Bill Ricchini)
14. Pink Moon (Nick Drake)
15. Keep Your Hat on Jenny (Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez)
16. Everything Means Nothing to Me (Elliott Smith)
17. That Girl from Brownsville, Texas (Jim White)
18. Maria's Bed (Bruce Springsteen)
19. The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts (Sufjan Stevens)
20. One More Suicide (Marcy Playground)
21. Ode to Divorce (Regina Spektor)
22. Neighborhood #3 (Arcade Fire)
23. Close the Door (Clem Snide)
24. White Center (Damien Jurado)
25. B.P.D. (Over the Rhine)


Ryan Estes said...

okay, not an awesome hourly rate there for your gambling, chief. but at least you beat minimum wage.

i see bruce springsteen is rated pretty high on your playlist. new album that good?

lucas said...

if you add the bonuses, it's close to $10/hr, which isn't too bad. that, and i'm trying to move up a level, which skews the numbers a bit lower than maybe they should.

i really like the new album. it reminds me of vintage dylan

mattreed said...

And it is hard to beat 94 hours/month.