20 June 2005

...and i'm back

so i was unable to figure out a reliable way to blog from alabama (hell, i couldn't even find good coffee w/ any regularity), but what i am gonna do is a college/high school thing where i back-date the blogs as if i wrote them from alabama and bascially write what i remember. essentially, what we all did when we had to do journal entries for stuff in school. you can read them on the d press blog.

there's some newspaper articles in the pgh post-gazette here

as a side note, i'm a bit surprised at the lack of blogging over the week. it's almost as if you guys can't function w/o me [1].
[1] i understand, of course, that this isn't the case, but the whole thing seems a bit fishy


johanna said...

Glad you made it back safely.

mattreed said...

I think it's the heat and busyness of summer. And it could be all these theology arguments put people off. As for me, I've been it hard at work, so lately I've had nothing interesting to say.

mattreed said...

By the way, Johanna, what happened to Nobody's perfect? What woke you up?

johanna said...

I outgrew the blog a bit, matt.
When I shed, I make it clean.