29 June 2005

the beauty of the ipod

my new favorite toy is the ipod podcasting thing. (avail in the itunes music store). right now i'm listening to espn radio, later i've got some al franken. it's great fun. it's like having radio that you like, only w/o all the bullshit that sucks.

24 June 2005

tv screening

Sunday. 11am. KDKA.

as roland once said, "be there or be...somewhere else."

21 June 2005

quote of the day

from my father, discussing the quality of a digital photo he took:

"Plus my hand is rock solid steady from all those years of whipping my little brats."

i laughed and laughed

20 June 2005

...and i'm back

so i was unable to figure out a reliable way to blog from alabama (hell, i couldn't even find good coffee w/ any regularity), but what i am gonna do is a college/high school thing where i back-date the blogs as if i wrote them from alabama and bascially write what i remember. essentially, what we all did when we had to do journal entries for stuff in school. you can read them on the d press blog.

there's some newspaper articles in the pgh post-gazette here

as a side note, i'm a bit surprised at the lack of blogging over the week. it's almost as if you guys can't function w/o me [1].
[1] i understand, of course, that this isn't the case, but the whole thing seems a bit fishy

09 June 2005

out of town

of course, i'll see a bunch of you at the brew works tomorrow, but in case anyone was looking for me, i'll be in the deep south from 11 June to 19 June filming some documentary stuff. call my cell phone if you need me.

07 June 2005

early returns on being old

as some of you may or may not know, i've recently entered my second quarter century of existence (i.e. i turned 26, for the math-fearing crowd) and i've decided i don't so much like it. and since some of you will be following me down this path to old age in the coming weeks and months, i thought i'd offer what little advice the last couple of days have offered me. i'll also be footnoting this, just to try out matt's footnoting thing.

the thing is, when you're 25 and people (and by people, i mean, your parents) ask what you've been up to lately, you can inwardly think to yourself 'eh, what do they want w/ me? i'm[1] only 25.' and you'd be right to think that, since you still have your youth. if you were a professional baseball player you'd still be a prospect and considered to be on the upswing of your talent devolpment. but, at 26 you need to be in the big leagues or you'll get passed by someone younger[2]. so when people (i.e. your parents) ask you what you've been up to lately, you start to think to yourself 'holy shit, they're right. i'm 26 and i've accomplished nothing.[3]' this is especially troublesome if you don't have a job and sort piece together an income through various methods, some of which you heard sermons about when you were a kid.

being single at this point is also problematic, as there is no point, obviously in dating anyone under 21, since they a) are 6 years younger than you, and b) can't go to such places as the harp and the fiddle w/o a hassle. but, at this point, 22 and 23 seems like it's starting to be a stretch, unless you subscribe to the credo of 'the great thing about high school chicks: i get older, they stay the same age.'[4] however, you have to wonder if those people over 22/23, if single, aren't single for a good reason (like maybe they're likely to kill you in your sleep?) so you begin to wonder if maybe you should up your higher limit a couple of years, and as we all know, changing your standards is a problematic thing to do at best.

but, for all those negatives, at least car insurance should start going down.

[1] i've never been able to figure out what to do w/ the apostrophe when using the single quotes for quotations. how is it that they don't get confused?

[2] there are, of course, numerous examples of players debuting at 26-29 and going on to productive careers, but they are the exception to the rule.

[3] the fact that you have actually accomplished something doesn't register at this point. you may, however, realize it later.

[4] Dazed and Confused

03 June 2005

the levi/frankie wedding

ok, so roland tells me the whole get drunk and give mike cd's shindig in june 10 at the brew works, which i think i could make, but just now i've gotten a postcard in the mail from Chris Fanning (who i assume is the best man?) which says, "friday, june 10th, they would like to get together with some friends at the copper dog..."

so what gives?

which one do i go to?

02 June 2005

01 June 2005

May 2005: In Review

Well, May is over, let's see how we did. Not b/c i suspect anyone will care, but more b/c it'll keep me motivated to get stuff done, since i don't want to look unproductive on the world wide web....

films seen for first time:
We Don't Live Here Anymore
Maria Full of Grace
A Hard Day's Night
The Interperter
The Bar is a Beautiful Place
Wicker Park

Books read:
Harrington on Hold 'Em (D. Harrington)
Moneyball (M. Lewis)

Illicit Gambling:
+/-: +274.20 (hit a rough patch and took a week off)
hours: 71.0
BB/hr: 3.6

Hit plays produced that I wrote: 1
Hit plays produced that I was in: 1
Films sent to festivals: 1 (guard duty)
Completed writing projects: 1 (on a building mid-afternoon somewhere in the world)
Completed editing projects: 0

The iTunes top 25 for May:
1. Chicago (Sufjan Stevens)
2. Casmir Palaski Day (Sufjan Stevens)
3. Girl (Beck)
4. Trouble With Dreams (Eels)
5. Soul Suckers (Amos Lee)
6. Miss Misery (Elliott Smith)
7. Fight Test (The Flaming Lips)
8. Knock Yourself Out (Jon Brion)
9. Colors (Amos Lee)
10. Neighborhood #1 (Arcade Fire)
11. Wrapped Up in Books (Belle & Sebastian)
12. Out on the Road (Jay Farrar)
13. Float On (Modest Mouse)
14. He Woke Me Up Again (Sufjan Stevens)
15. At Least That's What You Said (Wilco)
16. Seen It All Before (Amos Lee)
17. Neighborhood #2 (Arcade Fire)
18. What You Wanted (Bill Ricchini)
19. Clark Gable (The Postal Service)
20. Seven Swans (Sufjan Stevens)
21. Things Against Stuff (The Danielson Family)
22. Wild World (Cat Stevens)
23. Joan Jett of Arc (Clem Snide)
24. Highwayman (The Highwaymen)
25. A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head (Andrew Bird)

that's all.