22 May 2005

the vandals (not the band)

adding to the list of senseless vandalism in the southside of PGH lately, someone tonight busted Joanna Lowe's car window while we were all enjoying some post-play alcohol at Dee's. Grrr... Results of this are as follows:

1) i cut my finger cleaning up the glass.

2) it doesn't look like her insurance will cover it, so she'll have to buy a new window, which sucks.

3) the only thing that was stolen was my bookbag, which isn't all that valuable to anyone but me since the only thing of any inherent value in it was an old deck of cards and some spare pens. but, it had a bunch of notes, scribbles, jotted down scenes, half-finished scripts, and various other random tools of writing that i probably cannot easily replace. they of course will be thrown away by now, since they're just paper. fucking bastards.

as johanna mentioned w/ her vadalism, if they'd asked me for the bookbag, i'd have given it to them, provided i could take all my shit out of it.


johanna said...

I'm starting to think that the real "American" culture such as one often witnesses on the S.S. is a culture of found destruction; i.e., if it can be destroyed, it will be. (I think that basic literacy tests should be given before anyone's allowed to buy spray paint.)

Let Joey know that if she wants, my Dad can probably put her window in for free after she buys one (I got quoted $70 on a used one) cuz the labor is about twice that. If it's worth it to her to drive to Tionesta, that is, with me.

(She'd be welcome, though.)

mattreed said...

I am starting to be glad i don't have a name beginning with "Jo" and live in Pittsburgh.

johanna said...

I blame my mother, JoVictoria.

She had to give me a name no one can pronounce. In fact, the more education a person has, the better the odds that s/he will fuck it up.

But I'm not bitter or anything. I was thinking of switching to "hey, you."