05 May 2005

the iTunes top 25

ok, so this goes all the way back to, well, when i got the computer, so it's really heavy on a couple of artists. also, i just let it run all the way through, so a couple of the "w's" get overplayed (i.e. wilco's on there more than they probably should be, since they're near the end)...also, i listen to wilco and the postal service a lot when playing poker online. it seems to help...actually, i'm gonna knock out some when i see that starts. sure, the idea's stolen, but whatever. if i can figure out how to reset it, i'll do it each month...

1. company in my back -- wilco
2. that girl from brownsville, texas -- jim white
3. clark gable -- the postal service
4. muzzle of bees -- wilco
5. such great heights -- the postal service
6. always on my mind -- willie nelson
7. at least that's what you said -- wilco
8. the transfiguration -- sufjan stevens
9. all the wild horses -- ray lamontagne
10. let's get lost -- elliot smith
11. wonderboy -- tenacious d
12. ariel ramirez -- richard buckner
13. outta my head -- m. ward
14. dear employer (the reason i quit) -- the minus 5
15. seven swans -- sufjan stevens
16. ashes of american flags -- wilco
17. time has told me -- nick drake
18. the build-up -- kings of convenience
19. on the road again -- willie nelson
20. beyond the sunrise -- belle & sebastian
21. it's over -- sondre lerche
22. burn -- ray lamontagne
23. you're a mean one, mr. grinch -- sixpence none the richer (beats the hell out of me too)
24. because of you -- bill ricchini
25. young pilgrims -- the shins