31 May 2005

Quote of the day

"I thought that everyone who trashed Star Wars, Episode III was simply being uncharitable, cultivating their own snobbier-than-thou culturally-elitist image. Then I saw the film. Turns out, they were right."

-- Ryan Estes

27 May 2005

come on feel the ILLINOISE

That's right, i'm holding it in my hand, courtesy of Asmatic Kitty. really, i know we all love stealing music, but this is one we should buy, because the label is pretty much just Sufjan and his dad. happy early birthday to me.

24 May 2005

the vandals, pt. 2

fantastic news for anyone interested. a kind soul found my stolen bookbag when the punk kids who took it threw it in the backseat of his truck. he someone (based on the contents, i suspect) tracked me down and i now have my bag, complete with all my writing notes (at least, i think they're all in there) and my pens and old deck of cards. so they didn't even take the only things of inherent value.

and now, a sigh of relief...

22 May 2005

the vandals (not the band)

adding to the list of senseless vandalism in the southside of PGH lately, someone tonight busted Joanna Lowe's car window while we were all enjoying some post-play alcohol at Dee's. Grrr... Results of this are as follows:

1) i cut my finger cleaning up the glass.

2) it doesn't look like her insurance will cover it, so she'll have to buy a new window, which sucks.

3) the only thing that was stolen was my bookbag, which isn't all that valuable to anyone but me since the only thing of any inherent value in it was an old deck of cards and some spare pens. but, it had a bunch of notes, scribbles, jotted down scenes, half-finished scripts, and various other random tools of writing that i probably cannot easily replace. they of course will be thrown away by now, since they're just paper. fucking bastards.

as johanna mentioned w/ her vadalism, if they'd asked me for the bookbag, i'd have given it to them, provided i could take all my shit out of it.

21 May 2005

things found on the internets

so i'm floating around cyberspace and what do i learn? what wonderful, joyous piece of information do i find? (besides the fact that 'arrested development' got renewed--horay!!). why that today is the birthday of the legendary, iconic Mr. T.

in his honor, a photo:

that is all.

19 May 2005

Mike's Great Music Giveaway

so there's a review out of Stop It! at www.pghcitypaper.com for anyone who's interested. more importantly, here's my contribution to Mike's Music giveaway, which can be found here

1. Trouble With Dreams (Eels)
2. What You Wanted (Bill Ricchini)
3. Pink Moon (Nick Drake)
4. Out On the Road (Jay Farrar)
5. Wrapped Up in Books (Belle & Sebastian)
6. One More Suicide (Marcy Playground)
7. How to Fight Lonliness (Wilco)
8. Casimir Pulaski Day (Sufjan Stevens)
9. Violence in the Snowy Fields (Dolorean)
10. One More Song the Radio Won’t Like (Kathleen Edwards)
11. Song For You (Alexi Murdoch)
12. Vanilla Sick (The Bother)
13. Ode to Divorce (Regina Spektor)
14. That Girl from Brownsville, Texas (Jim White)
15. Trouble (Ray LaMontagne)
16. Two Way Monologue (Sondre Lerche)
17. If You’re Feelin’ Low (Susan Enan)
18. Shiny (The Decemberists)
19. Such Great Heights (The Postal Service)

14 May 2005


Go see Stop It!. Support the arts.


08 May 2005


a quick note:

should you get a chance, without a doubt check this film out. it's a mature, multi-layered look at race relations in this country and features strong performances throughout. even from the rapper.

best film of the year, thus far.

05 May 2005

the iTunes top 25

ok, so this goes all the way back to, well, when i got the computer, so it's really heavy on a couple of artists. also, i just let it run all the way through, so a couple of the "w's" get overplayed (i.e. wilco's on there more than they probably should be, since they're near the end)...also, i listen to wilco and the postal service a lot when playing poker online. it seems to help...actually, i'm gonna knock out some when i see that starts. sure, the idea's stolen, but whatever. if i can figure out how to reset it, i'll do it each month...

1. company in my back -- wilco
2. that girl from brownsville, texas -- jim white
3. clark gable -- the postal service
4. muzzle of bees -- wilco
5. such great heights -- the postal service
6. always on my mind -- willie nelson
7. at least that's what you said -- wilco
8. the transfiguration -- sufjan stevens
9. all the wild horses -- ray lamontagne
10. let's get lost -- elliot smith
11. wonderboy -- tenacious d
12. ariel ramirez -- richard buckner
13. outta my head -- m. ward
14. dear employer (the reason i quit) -- the minus 5
15. seven swans -- sufjan stevens
16. ashes of american flags -- wilco
17. time has told me -- nick drake
18. the build-up -- kings of convenience
19. on the road again -- willie nelson
20. beyond the sunrise -- belle & sebastian
21. it's over -- sondre lerche
22. burn -- ray lamontagne
23. you're a mean one, mr. grinch -- sixpence none the richer (beats the hell out of me too)
24. because of you -- bill ricchini
25. young pilgrims -- the shins

03 May 2005

the great war and peace giveaway

not to be outdone by ryan estes, i've included a photo of my copy of war and peace, obtained through matt's war and peace giveaway. here you see it being kept company by a people's history of the u.s. and bergman's 'scenes from a marriage'. i don't have fancy still cameras like ryan, so it's taken with the digital camera portion of the dv cam i use for location scouting, etc.


horay for free books.