29 April 2005

leaving children behind

thought from W's news conference:

When discussing "No Child Left Behind" (a fundamentally flawed program that creates more problems than it solves, but one that W's very proud of and is constantly citing as an example of how wonderful his administration is) being sued by the National Teacher's Association for being underfunded, etc, W went on to extol it's virtues and the reporter said, "no, i was wondering about your thoughts on the lawsuit." W's reply: "I don't know anything about it. I'm not a lawyer."

you're not a lawyer? you've got one initiative you're truly proud of, it's being sued by the only union involved, and you don't know anything about it? How dumb does he think we are? i'm watching this w/ my roommate josh and he just starts laughing. he says, "i'm not a lawyer, but when i got sued i knew every detail."


billiam said...

well, there is enough that he claims not to know about. yet others do.