28 April 2005

college, the pope, and being ashamed when the two meet

Reason number 504 to be ashamed of where you went to school:

from "The Cabinet", Geneva's student newspaper,

"I was saddened by our school's decision to lower the flag to half-mast in honor of the pope. I do not say this because I think that we should be happy that John Paul II died, but I say this because I don't think that Geneva should honor a man who was a heretic." -- Aaron Turner

without getting into the whole heretic issue (which is fucking retarded), let's just say that lowering the flag to half-mast is a sign of respect for someone who's died, especially if he's the leader of one of the largest religions in the world (and the most-represented denomination in your school). i didn't have a problem with the flags being lowered for Regan, even though he was a bastard who fucked over minorities left and right and who's greatest contribution to the country may be that he didn't end up in "cassablanca", but i still think we should lower the flags for him. why? out of respect for a very influential President. you absolutely lower the flag for a pope's death. and i don't know if there's a current "leader" of the nation of islam, but you lower the flags for his death as well.

and people wonder why i don't brag about where i went to college.


johanna said...

Why don't you call Aaron Turner up and pass on your thoughts?

Seriously. I don't know if he was writing an editorial or what, but it seems to me that if he intends to make a career of journalism or any other media, it's the place of questioning, discriminating alum like yourself to remind him of a little important something known as journalistic integrity. Better now, while he's still in college. 'Think globally; act locally.'

Ralph Nader would be proud of you (not that you care) and I'd be proud of you (again), but as your friend, i can tell you that it may just give you a faint glimmer of satisfaction.

billiam said...

i say we all voice our opinions in a letter to the editor. ask for that guy to be canned. no?

lucas said...

i think he's just some idiot kid, but an accurate example of what geneva has become. or maybe it's been like that all along and i just didn't notice until recently

johanna said...

there's always someone like that, i think, at every campus who is on some council or something with the most absurd mindset and the power to make the entire org. look like a farce. they usu. listen to Rosh Limbaugh (Rush? Rosh? idk...)

mattreed said...

it's too bad no g student will probably write any devestating saterical responses.

(by the way, someone needs to get you a book about possitive thinking. dpress, moments of melancholy: i mean really.)

Ryan Estes said...

It's an accurate picture of what a segment of the student body thinks, to be sure. But I know there are a lot of people there with a mature, well-thought-out worldview who would disagree with the guy. There's still a lot to say for the school (and let's not forget you dreaded graduation...likened it to a funeral, as I recall).

They're just the opinions (hurtful, yes, but we're allowed to say these things in this country) of a student 6 to 8 years younger than you are who hasn't seen much of the world yet.