25 September 2007

A PGH Premiere

For those of you in the Steel City, a bit of film news, courtesy of an email in my inbox:

Kurt Voelker's Park, winner of 3 festival awards[1], will premiere in Pittsburgh on Friday, 28 September at a location not specified in the email. So...I guess keep your eyes open.

Anyway, Voelker will be there, as will producer Dana Jackson.

And here is a clip, courtesy of YouTube:

**UPDATE** Via another email: the film will be playing at the South Side Works Cinema. Also, the film's official site is here.

[1] Audience Award at CineVegas International Film Festival (2006) and the Sonoma Valley Film Festival (2007). Also, the Jury Award at the Garden State Film Festival (2007).

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Anonymous said...

Also wanted to let you know Dana is a Pittsburgh native