22 June 2007

a poster

designed by my good friend Ryan Davis:



Matt Riviera said...

Great poster.

All the best for the premiere (I won't make it, it is a long way to come...)!

lucas mcnelly said...

thanks, matt.

you sure you can't make it? it's not that far...


Thom Ryan said...

The poster's graphic set against a gray background evokes your film's subtitle. Nice job by Ryan Davis —and I'm not just saying that because we share a name ;) Here's wishing you best of luck for a successful premiere, Lucas.

lucas mcnelly said...

thanks, Thom

what i love about this poster is it makes it look like a "real" movie

Joseph B. said...


Eye grabbing poster that is. If you ever debut your film in Dallas, don't forget to send me an invite.

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