15 April 2006

so you're still waiting for a new review...

teaching myself web design has taken more time than i expected, so the next review (Taxi Driver) is a bit delayed. So, in the meantime, go to blogshares.com and discover a way to waste far too much time on something with little to no cosequence. Oh, and buy some shares of this blog while you're there.


johanna said...

since i've had this flu, not much has been able to keep my mind off it, except things like your new design.

i keep thinking about the side spaces, and if you could keep the links all in the header and/or footer or not and use the margins creatively, too. a pair of theatre curtains came to mind (dep. on how technical yr getting, you could have a sash or cord that could be clicked on so that the curtain would move aside to reveal links or something, providing a nice frame)

also, (it would be more work) you could use some other frame work, like a film strip, and use the frames to house thumbnails from your last however many reviews..

just some thoughts from the ill.

lucas said...

the film strip idea's not bad, actually.

johanna said...

thanks. i could hear my brains simmering for several days. is that bad?

it would, of course, all be in how you set it up, cuz ya wouldn't want it to look like the imdb site or some shit, but rather like yer site kinda threaded the film

...and the shiny, new thumbnails would scroll merrily along...ok, that's my pitch. 8 1/2 will be up on tovi in a couple days.

johanna said...

make that tomorrow evening. i have too much work today