03 May 2005

the great war and peace giveaway

not to be outdone by ryan estes, i've included a photo of my copy of war and peace, obtained through matt's war and peace giveaway. here you see it being kept company by a people's history of the u.s. and bergman's 'scenes from a marriage'. i don't have fancy still cameras like ryan, so it's taken with the digital camera portion of the dv cam i use for location scouting, etc.


horay for free books.


johanna said...

...seen your copies of 'a farewell to arms' and 'the brothers k'lately? no, probably not. and you're not getting them back until i get john hedgecoe's photography book back. so there.

(nate says thanks and 'hey, they were fair game. he was sleeping.')

lucas said...

oh, right, i do have that. i'll give it to either nate or you, next time you're here, whichever comes first.

johanna said...


i can't remember my lumens.

Ryan Estes said...

How very nice to be emulated...

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